A free, online community for learning new computing skills, socializing and showing off cool projects.

Like many other tilde servers, VH7 is a shared, non-commercial Linux system which has lots of built-in tools for learning and building new things. It's also a space for teaching, and socializing with other users.

VH7 is inspired by tildes on the tildeverse but designed with beginners in mind by having easy tutorials and example projects.


This list only shows our 3 latest posts. Look at the News Archive for all of the news.

0x2: Server Corruption

VH7 has been down for about a week and a half. Here's what happened.

0x1: Blast Off!

VH7 now has a tilde server setup and ready to go!

0x0: Hello World!

This is our first post and marks the birth of VH7 on the 11th April 2019!



A feed of VH7 status updates are shown here. Items marked in red are ongoing issues, click on items for more information. In case this site goes down, check the status page and our Mastodon.


VH7 is home to 9 users: ~amcclure, ~chase, ~jakew, ~khuxkm, ~mbpben, ~pablo, ~quantum, ~shmael and ~t4lc.